Saturday, January 21, 2012

it's snowing in brooklyn

sometime in january, 2012. our first snow of the year. it's 3:39am. i just got home from a birthday party, but not just any birthday party, frank's birthday party, at brooklyn fireproof. they played an awesome set. he was happy. we were all happy. i think about how magical everyone's lives are that are constantly spinning around us and then i think about how lucky we are. we are young. we dance. they play music to a crowd that dances around them and sings along to their songs. no one seems to have a worry in their heart (except for one girl, but that's another story). we all just dance. hair and heads whip around me. everyone is dancing. i look back. where did everyone come from? the room is full and people are just dancing. this is my life. and my life is amazing.

now, at home sitting in my living room, typing, staring at snow coming down onto the patio outside the sliding glass door. it reminds me of a gus van sant movie. the sky is tinted orange. it's not dark out, just a dimly lit room somewhere in the middle of nowhere and the sky has no end, no ceiling. snow lays silently on the metal screen door. it's getting whiter and whiter and finally seems to pile up enough that the poop on the patio is almost covered up, like we never had poop on our patio.

bushwick sleeps quietly. tonight was exceptionally quiet. not many people on the rode. but then again, it's really cold out.

if life ends this  year, then i must make this year count.

i'm tired and realized it's almost 4am. i must go to sleep.